On August 2015, Christelle, the owner with her husband Philippe, discovered this paradise. Native of a small village near Valence, in the valley of Rhone, the “door” of the south of France, Christelle lived there 26 years and then went to live in the north of France for love when she met Philippe,native of a small village of the north of France. Happy years went by and still go by, with the birth of three lovely children now teenagers but still lovely (Clément 19, Angélique 17,Grace 15), a carrier of lawyer for Christelle and the start-up of a welding company which employs 25 people for Philippe.

Some years ago, Christelle decided to quit her job. As their children had done several exchanges in foreign host families, Christelle had the idea to become a host family for foreign teenagers and that’s how the family hosted several foreign teenagers from the whole world with meetings full of emotion !

At the spring of 2015, the sun and the light miss Christelle so much that she decides to go to spend the summer in Provence as a seasonal worker to enjoy the sun for her holidays. Philippe understand her vital need of the sun and aks her to search for a house in Provence where Christelle could open a Guest House as it has always been Christelle’s dream.

Three months later and just one week before leaving for Provence, Christelle discovered La Médiévale du Luberon and its lovely owners Véro and Bernard and knew it will be THIS home !

So starts the story ! Work has been done in the garden and in the house and Christelle is now ready to welcome her guests in her paradise during summer 2016 ! You also might meet Philippe if you are here during the week-end and the children depending on their plans !

Thanks to Philippe and the children for their love and understanding.

Welcome !